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20 - Jan - 2016
Please be aware if you are using the Microsoft Edge Browser as of Win 10 v1511 it still does not support plugins or Addons.
This leaves users PC's open to Malware attack by virtue that most anti-virus apps are unable to protect by monitoring the browser.
Most Antivirus use Search result scanning, Page quality filtering plugin to reduce your risk, I recommend the use of an "AdBlocker" to round out that protection.. NONE of these are supported at this time in the Edge Browser.
At this time We recommend the use of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Pale Moon or Ice Dragon Browsers - Last 2 are spin offs of the Firefox Browser.
Actually you are better off using Internet Explorer (included in Win 10 - type iexplore in the search) than ever touching Edge. I strongly recommend using IE11 to download your new browser.

But if you enjoy removing malware as much as I do.. no problem..

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