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Cryptolocker Virus (Malware: Family of virus: Ransomware: Encryptor)

Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, Torrentlocker, Locky, Petya
Just a few names of Malware that when allowed to execute on your Computer system will "Encrypt" your Documents, Pictures and other Files, Encrypting means to scramble them in a way that you can not access them without a special "Key" or Code from the virus writer. (NERD ALERT - Please ask us what this means)
In other words "Locked" from your ability to use.

These infection can hit your computer by:
- opening certain emails and/or their attachments.
- Also by clicking links on certain websites,
- opening websites containing certain advertisements.

ALWAYS: Keeping your computer and Applications up to date is the first line
ALWAYS: Have a quality Antivirus installed and UP TO DATE, and definitions up to date.
I have been installing a Crypt-Locker-Prevention over the past 2 and a half years. The team behind it are about to release Version 8 (I am currently testing the new version).
IF you do not have this We can install the current version for $20.. (that is not a special price .. it is our regular price)
The good News is.. If you have the current version.. IT WILL UPGRADE to the new version for FREE..

WE RECOMMEND: IF you have had this installed in the past or not sure, we can check that it has been installed and has automatically updated.
No solution is 100%, we do recommend keeping your important files (Documents Pictures and Videos) Copied to another location - be it Cloud, or External HDD.. What ever Backup you use.. IT MUST NOT BE CONNECTED TO YOUR COMPUTER ALL THE TIME.. only while creating the Copy (aka Backup).
I also recommend using a malware blocking DNS site (NERD ALERT - Please ask us what this means)

As this is important to YOU and YOUR information, please if it does not make intelligible sense.. PLEASE ASK ME.

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